2008 PBeM Tourney for Hammer of the Scots
sponsored by the
Boardgame Players Association
GM: Ric Manns (Email)

Requirements: * BPA Membership - Associate level or higher - Info is here
                       * Ownership of the game
                       * Must have an email account.
                       * All games will be reported to AREA.
Format: Four Round Swiss Tournament - (Games can be played at the Above the Fields Website or using Vassal, players that cannot agree must use Above the Fields) Each player may play all of the rounds in the tourney or they may drop out after playing any round.

1. The first round will paired randomly.
2. Later rounds will pair players of similar record.
3. If there are byes.  It will be assigned to the player with the worst record or if tied by  random between the players.  Players will not recieve more than one bye.  Byes will count as a win.
4. Draws will count as Scottish win.
5. Players will notify their opponent if they will be gone on vacation and treat one another with the utmost respect.
6. Players will need to familiarize themselves with the website by viewing the help link at the Above the Fields Website.
7. Players should plan to average a move per day at minimum.  Slow players will be penalized in any adjudication.
8. Above all, have FUN!

Current Round:  Congrats to this year's champ: Hank Burkhalter

Errata:  Players need to remember the unit changes in the Second Edition.  Scots:  Etterick & Keith movement is now a 3, Fraser hits on a 3.

Sides: Players may choose sides, however, if they do not agree then they bid for the Scots.  They bid how many blocks they are willing to give the English for the initial draw.  Players roll dice and the high die bids and bids go back and forth until someone accepts. The website will allow a levy and that will create 9 blocks in the draw and then the English player will remove the # of blocks to get down to the bid.  This will give the English player the option of his first draw!   Players need to email me there side and bid. 

Scenario: All games will use the Braveheart Scenario - We will use the current edition of the rules found at Columbia Games website

Error Handling: If an error is made it can be corrected up until the next card is played.  When an error occurs return to the last legal die roll.  Please try and be reasonable.

Rule Disputes:  The GM will resolve all rules disputes.  The GM will name two assitant GM's for disputes he is involved in during the tourney
Checkout the Results page for the Current Standings!
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Updated: August 16th, 2010